Higher Living


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LEO ISLO returns to LAMP following his debut song 'Feelings' with a soulful, uptempo release in 'Higher Living'.

The track opens with an array of floating synths, pitch bending chords and echoing piano stabs that create an introspective environment before being cut by a deep, gritty bassline. A dampened kick and house-infused percussion elements accentuate the songs main groove, building and layering elements into a hazy cloud before releasing the production back into dance territory.

Islo’s signatures vocals are airy and soothing, carefully guiding you through each chorus and generating a hypnotic harmony with the core melody. 'Higher Living' measures up to its name with lyrics focused on vice-laden escapism and a careless desire to live inside a dangerous fantasy.



So tell me where did it all go wrong?
Cause' I've been stuck in this place too long.
It was a garden but now its gone.
and I set it all on fire.

So go ahead, keep the fiction strong.
Another vice that I'm living on.
It was a garden but now its gone.
and I set it all on fire.

And I stay higher. Living.
On what you've been giving to me.
I stay higher. Living.
Inside the fantasy.


released November 11, 2015
Production/ Songwriting/ Vocals: LEO ISLO
Mastering: Adam Gonsalves @ Telegraph Audio, PDX



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LEO ISLO Portland, Oregon

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